Our plan: One hour out, one hour back

Here is a start of a route planning map. The exact path we will take has not yet been decided so if you know stuff, help us shape this. Here's what we know so far:

We depart Suburban Motors H-D in Thiensville, we drive north, stop once or twice, then had back to place where we departed where food, beverages and dogs will be waiting.

Planning the exact path starts with selecting desired waypoints. Yes, we want majestic rolling hills, lakefront views, but we also want to include businesses, organizations and towns we want to promote. This is a police-escorted parade-style ride, so let's consider where that energy might be an addition.

Here's the input we need ...

* Drive-by businesses/organizations (potential event sponsors)
* Country stetches surrounded by beautiful landscapes
* Bike-friendly places to stop and stretch

If you have any ideas, please share

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