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Will there be food and beverages?

NO! This is no longer a gathering event. HOWEVER, if you want to stop by Suburban Motors on any Saturday, brats and music will be available. This is not part of the ride, but... it could be.

What's included with the ride fee?

This ride is to help the Mequon Police obtain a new K9, so 100% of registration fees will go directly to this cause. If you donate $25 or more, you will receive a very cool ride pin.

What's the Route?

We have invited about 30 locations to be part of this. Our final list will be posted in early July. If you have suggestions, bring em!    DETAILS

I have never been on a ride like this before. I noticed your flyer says all bikes welcome. I have a Suzuki M109R. Can I ride?

Hell yes! The M109R is BA.

But the point: We love all makes and models! So any concern about any bike -- no worries. Anything with two or three wheels, with an internal combustion engine of something that is freeway-legal, will be greeted with with open arms.

However, if you do not have experience riding with a group, contact us so we can make sure you're good to go.

I am a local business owner and would like to be part of this. What's involved?

Any local business is invited. Your involvement can vary, but most are planning to be on-site from 10AM until 2pm to shake hands, give out cards... whatever else comes to mind. There's no charge for this. If you would like to have a table and chairs, bring em. Contact us so we can get the ball rolling.

I am a vendor and would like to sell items. Can I do that?

In our original version of this, we planned to offer local businesses a place to meet, greet and sell. That for now has changed, so the only way for you to sell products would be online. If you would like use to send you some traffic, drop us a note and we can make plans.

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